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   02 August 2014
Is Boba Fett In Star Wars Rebels?
Reported by Justin on 02 Aug 2014 00:07

Now this is rather interesting. Our friends over at Yakface notify us via this tweet about new images posted on Star Wars-Figuren of the Class II Hasbro vehicles being re-packaged for 2014. Notice how the Star Wars Rebels logo is included on the Slave I box? Does this mean that we'll be seeing Boba Fett in the new animated series?

Well, if you remember what the Hasbro team specifically said about the use of the Rebels logo during Yodasnews' SDCC Q&A session...

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Source Star Wars-Figuren
   01 August 2014
Special Edition: Coffee With Kenobi Discusses SDCC 2014
Reported by Mark on 01 Aug 2014 21:10

It's time to join your hosts Dan and Cory over at Coffee With Kenobi.

On this Special Edition Show, we discuss some of the Star Wars news and announcements that occurred at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Our SDCC contributor and CWK Blogger Troy Metzler joins us to share his experiences, and CWK Blogger Jeff McGee of Talking Toys and Assembly of Geeks discusses the new collectibles and action figures revealed at the annual event. This is the Podcast You’re Looking For!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Coffee With Kenobi
RUMOR: Episode VII: Luke's Unkempt Beard; Who Has The Falcon
Reported by Justin on 01 Aug 2014 18:47

The latest round of Episode VII rumors have been posted on Latino Review with today's batch focusing on why Mark Hamill's beard is so disheveled and how it applies to the overall plot of the film. The potential "owner" of the Millennium Falcon is also mentioned, and it ain't Han.

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Source Latino Review
Now, This Is Podcasting! Episode 43
Reported by Mark on 01 Aug 2014 18:01

It's time to join your hosts Jason, Randy, Johnamarie and Jeremy over at Now, This Is Podcasting!

This week join Jason, Randy, Jeremy and Johna as they catch up and recover after San Diego Comic-Con 2014 and dish out the latest in Star Wars happenings! Episode 43 includes a spoiler-free review of Simon Kinberg’s opening to Star Wars Rebels, Episode VIII news, Episode VII filming at Skellig Michael in Ireland as well as new Star Wars content from Marvel comics, Del Rey Books, and community questions.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Making Star Wars
Star Wars As A Gif
Reported by Mark on 01 Aug 2014 17:27

Nothing more to say but 'Impressive...most impressive...

Source Twitter
Raiders Of The Lost Ark Is The Movie We Like To Watch Over And Over
Reported by Mark on 01 Aug 2014 17:04

We all know that Lucasfilm make the best toys. Star Wars, of course, and Indiana Jones which heads this poll in the Daily Mail of the most re-watchable films.

Now, we all know that the Star Wars films are the most re-watchable films ever, but hey, we're not going to begrudge Indy a thing!

  • 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • 2. Star Wars
  • 3. Back to the Future
  • 4. Home Alone
  • 5. E.T.
  • 6. Jaws
  • 7. Jurassic Park
  • 8. Independence Day
  • 9. Titanic
  • 10. Alien

Source Daily Mail
Melinda’s Brew : Would You Call This Luck?
Reported by Mark on 01 Aug 2014 16:47

Melinda continues with her London adventure over at Coffee With Kenobi.

Near the bridge I had to cross was Foyles Bookstore. I am a sucker for bookstores to begin with, yet when I spotted the HUGE array of cards near the display windows, I KNEW I had to go in to check them out. [Some of you know my penchant for writing letters and notes, and I'm constantly on the lookout for new and pretty, unique cards. :-) ] I also was bound and determined to find a Dr. Who novel [for someone dear to me] published in England. [Silly as it may sound to some of you, it was important to me. ;-) ] I walked through the open doorway … and I was in HEAVEN!

Source Coffee With Kenobi
ForceCast #314: A New Dawn At Comic-Con
Reported by Mark on 01 Aug 2014 16:43

It's time to join your hosts Eric and Erik for the ForceCast.

Justin Bolger is back from San Diego Comic-Con with a full report of everything that happened in the world of Star Wars. He also shares his reactions to the sneak preview of the Star Wars Rebels premiere that was screened for a select group of SDCC attendees, which makes Erik and Eric equal parts jealous and excited. Find out what Lucasfilm has in store for us based on its Comic-Con presentations in this week's ForceCast!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Forcecast
The Metro: Woman Named ‘Skywalker’ Refused A Passport
Reported by Mark on 01 Aug 2014 16:34

We posted a piece about this on the site a couple of days ago and here's my piece from The Metro as Laura Matthews continues her quest to have her middle name 'Skywalker' added to her passport.

Add this to the list of biggest waste of government resources so far this year as a Southend women is told by the Home Office that it won’t allow her to have her middle name of Skywalker added to her passport.

29-year-old Laura Matthews added the middle name by deed poll back in 2008 ‘for a laugh’ and has had it added to her bank cards, driving licence and every other legal form. But the Home Office opted not to allow her to add it to her passport as they ‘will not recognise a change to a name which is subject to copyright or trademark’.

They say ‘We have a duty to ensure the reputation of the UK passport is not called into question or disrepute.’

And listen out for the 14th episode of RADIO 1138 on the 12th August where we'll be talking to Laura about her experiences.

Source The Metro
Simon Kinberg Helped Josh Trank Land Standalone Film
Reported by Justin on 01 Aug 2014 16:14

We learn via Slashfilm that writer/producer Simon Kinberg had a hand in director Josh Trank landing his stand-alone Star Wars film by giving his approval of Trank to Lucasfilm.

/Film: Josh Trank was recently announced as a spin-off director. You’re working with him now on Fantastic Four. Did you have a hand in making that happen?

Simon Kinberg: Yeah, I did. I spoke very highly of Josh to the Lucasfilm guys. They were interested in him because he, like Rian [Johnson, director of Episode VIII] and like Gareth [Edwards, director of a 2016 spin-off], is very much that next generation filmmaker. He comes from a background of making a big movie without a big budget. Which I think is also, not that these movies…they’ll have huge budgets, but the sort of the tradition that George [Lucas] started was somebody that came from making American Graffiti to making a huge science fiction movie. And so there was some of that sort of vibe I know Lucasfilm likes about these new filmmakers. But yeah, I definitely was involved in that process.

Kinberg also goes on to say that the chances of he and Trank working together on a future project are pretty likely.

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Source Slashfilm
Official Pix Star Wars Rebels Photos & Autographs
Reported by Justin on 01 Aug 2014 15:58

Official Pix has revealed their brand new line of Star Wars Rebels photos and autographs for fans to add to their collection.

Their selection of photographs can be found here and their autographs, which currently feature signed pics from Steve Blum (Zeb) and Vanessa Marshall (Hera) as of the time of this posting, can be found here.

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Source OPX
   31 July 2014
Toys R Us Star Wars Display Reset
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 23:08

I haven't the SLIGHTEST clue how I missed reporting on this when it broke initially considering how much I love new retail store displays. So I won't even try to explain myself and just say that our good friends over at Yakface received the image above of what the new Star Wars display area at Toys R Us is expected to look like come August (click the image for a larger view).

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Source Yakface
The Clone Wars Seasons 1-6 Soundtrack Announced
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 22:05

Extremely exciting news comes our way via our friends at The Star Wars Underworld as we learn via a quote from composer Kevin Kiner that Lucasfilm is currently working on releasing a CD soundtrack of the musical score from The Clone Wars Seasons 1-6!

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Source The SWU
Official Site: Star Wars Rebels Hits San Diego Comic-Con
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 21:40

Lucasfilm's Dan Brooks, who spearheaded the awesome liveblog action from the various Star Wars panels at SDCC, provides the following report on the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated TV series in his latest entry on

The fight for galactic freedom is here — and it officially began in San Diego.

Star Wars Rebels, Lucasfilm’s upcoming animated series about the origins of the rebellion against the Empire, made its true public debut at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend. Fans were treated to a panel discussion with the series’ cast and creators, autograph sessions, and photo ops with life-size statues of Star Wars Rebels‘ heroes, as well as previews of toys, collectibles, and much more. Perhaps most significantly, however, Lucasfilm held a theatrical screening of the series’ one-hour opening episode to a packed house — a powerful way to kick off the new era of Star Wars.

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Source Star Wars
Merch Ado About Nothing
Reported by AdamDB on 31 Jul 2014 20:00
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I think I’ve pinpointed one reason why Disney’s handling of the Star Wars property has left a bad taste in my mouth, and why I can’t help but feel worried about the fate of Episodes I-III.

Merchandising. Where the real money from the movie is made.

While much of the licensed property has historically leaned more IV-VI, I-III has always been well-represented. Just as many I-III action figures; A I-III character being thrown in a series of cute knickknacks; books dealing with all eras. I always felt that there was something to spend my money on, even if I didn’t necessarily have the money to spend.

T-Shirts: The Dimension X Empire
Reported by Matt on 31 Jul 2014 19:52

RIPT Apparel bring us this funky fashion, yours for a trifling $10.00. And what agent of the Empire wouldn't want to be seen looking so dapper?

Source Ript Apparel
New Fathead Star Wars Wall Graphics
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 19:15

New designs in the popular line of Fathead Star Wars Wall Graphics have been added to their website. Check 'em out via the source link below and here's hoping we eventually see designs based on characters from Star Wars Rebels released in the near future!

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Source Fathead
The 10: Best Droids
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 18:26

Welcome to The 10, a feature where’s editorial staff huddles to discuss -- in committee -- various topics relating to a galaxy far, far away.

Today, we're looking at the galaxy's top mechanical pals… and terrors. For this list, we’re focused on droids from the Star Wars films and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (sorry, Chopper), ranking them on overall impact on the saga, personality, and cool factor.

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Source Star Wars
Official Site:How To Organise Your Star Wars Collection
Reported by Mark on 31 Jul 2014 18:15

It's a question I've been asking myself lately while pulling together Echo Base. What's the best way of displaying my collection, a collection that is growing and growing by the day? Thankfully Jordan Maison over at might have the answer as he tackles this issue in his latest entry at the site.

The size of a collection is oftentimes a point of pride for collectors. The larger it is, the more impressive it becomes, giving it a “wow” factor when people see it, making you more of an authority on that particular subject, and undoubtedly the envy of other fans. As your collection continues to grow, however, it’s vital to have some way to keep track of it. Letting it get out of hand without some form of organization can cause a wealth of problems and heartache. Fortunately all of that is easily avoidable.

Let’s start with the most basic of basic reasons why you need to keep tabs on your collection: knowing exactly what you do and don’t have. It’s a common problem: you find something cool at the store, but you can’t remember if it’s something you already have!

Source Official Site
T-Shirts: Tauntaun Cologne
Reported by Matt on 31 Jul 2014 17:47

And you thought they smelled bad on the outside. Get it up close for only $11.00 and for the next 14 hours before it dives into a snowstorm, via Busted Tees.

Source Busted Tees
Jedi News Review: Farthest From 6: Sunday 27th July 2014
Reported by ZakPT on 31 Jul 2014 17:30
Show Full Story

Farthest From is a small show hosted by All the Cool Stuff in Fordingbridge. It is dedicated to bringing the audience a rare selection of vintage figures and toys to purchase and a wonderful array of presentations journeying back to a long time ago. Set in a visually stunning area with such great people this show was overall, awesome.

Source Farthest From
SDCC 2014: Dave Filoni & Simon Kinberg Talk Star Wars Rebels Plot & Canon With 'Slashfilm'
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 17:27

Head on over to Slashfilm for a portion of their SDCC interview they conducted with Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg that touches on the plot and canon aspects of the upcoming Star Wars Rebels TV series.

One of the highlights of San Diego Comic-Con for me was Star Wars Rebels. Not only did I finally get to see and revel in the fantastic pilot, I got the chance to discuss it with two of its executive producers, Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg. In a 15-year professional career, it was the first time I got to sit down and discuss Star Wars with people directly involved in Star Wars. It was pretty exciting.

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Source Slashfilm
Dates For SDCC 2015 Announced
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 17:19

As soon as one SDCC draws to a close, thoughts on when the following year's convention will be held start to immediately formulate in the minds of fans. So mark your calendars accordingly as SDCC 2015 will be taking place July 9-12, with Preview Night scheduled for July 8.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source SDCC
TMZ Video Of Harrison Ford Walking In Santa Monica Without Crutch Or Cast
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 15:43

While you may be getting a bit tired of seeing reports/photos pertaining to Harrison Ford's recovery from his leg injury that took place on the set of Episode VII, it is comforting to see him progressing along in his rehab as quickly as he is, as evidenced by the TMZ video below.

Thanks to Jedi News reader Samuel R. for sending over the link.

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Source TMZ
RUMOR: Length Of Episode VII Scene Being Filmed On Skellig Michael
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 14:22

As mentioned in this brief video that is posted on the BBC, word is the scene that the Episode VII production team is looking to film on Skellig Michael island is short.

Very short.

According to a local trader, the scene they're shooting is one minute long.

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Source BBC
Episode VII Tweets: Mark Hamill - July 31, 2014
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 14:01

Source Twitter
SDCC 2014: Hasbro Q&A Interview Via Yodasnews
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 13:20

During their interview segment with the Hasbro team at SDCC, our fellow The Force United teammate Yodasnews got the official lowdown on (amongst other things) why certain 3.75" figures in the new Saga Legends line feature the Star Wars Rebels logo on the cardback.

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Source Yodasnews
Custom Darth Vader BBQ Grill
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 12:41

I don't care what I have to do to get this for my backyard. I don't care what the cost would be or who I would have to bribe/coerce to obtain it.


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Source Cheezburger
SDCC 2014: "Heroes of Star Wars Rebels" Panel Video Via 'The Star Wars Underworld'
Reported by Justin on 31 Jul 2014 12:29

David Collins sits down with the cast and crew of Star Wars Rebels for an in-depth discussion of the series at San Diego Comic-Con. The panel features Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, Freddie Prinze Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Taylor Gray, Tiya Sircar, and Steve Blum.

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Source YouTube
   30 July 2014
Jedi News Facebook Page Reaches 9000 Likes!
Reported by Mark on 30 Jul 2014 23:24

There are crazy days and there are crazy days. At 11.00am GMT we passed the 8000 mark on our Jedi News Facebook page, a figure that's taken since late 2010 to accumulate. Just over 12 hours later we passed the 9000 barrier and for that we are inordinately grateful.

So, onwards to 10,000, a target James set as a figure to aim for by the time we all meet up at Celebration Anaheim next April. Listen to the 13th episode of RADIO 1138 where he sets that lofty goal and keep liking us, keep sharing us and we'll keep working our lekku off to bring you the latest and best Star Wars news from the UK and beyond.

Source Jedi News on Facebook
Episode VII: Hamill and Ridley Make the Local Skellig Press
Reported by Team Jedi News on 30 Jul 2014 22:31

Not much to say on this one, click, enlarge and have a close look at the image to see what the Skellig local paper the Kerry's Eye had to say about the arrival on Skellig Michael of Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill for Episode VII filming.

Source Kerry's Eye (via Daisy Ridley News and John White)
SDCC 2014: 501st and Friends
Reported by Mark on 30 Jul 2014 22:15

This has to take the prize as the photo of the weekend. Just check out the faces in this image and imagine where we'll be this time next year when Episode VII isn't 505 days away like it is today but a mere 140 days away. That'll be just 3360 hours, or if you prefer 201,600 minutes or 12,096,000 seconds. And we'll be counting down every single one!

Source Twitter
SDCC 2014: Jawa James Interviews Adam Bray, Author of Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide
Reported by Mark on 30 Jul 2014 21:59

He covered a LOT of ground during San Diego Comic Con and to prove that here's Jawa James of Club Jade interviewing the author of Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide, Adam Bray.

Source YouTube
Databurst From the 501st
Reported by Mark on 30 Jul 2014 21:45
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Jedi News is working with Roqoo Depot and the 501st Legion to bring you the very latest activity from garrisons across the planet. Here's this weeks events:

Source Roqoo Depot
Jedi News Facebook Page Reaches 8000 Likes!
Reported by ZakPT on 30 Jul 2014 21:30

Wahoooo! Earlier today we hit a whooping 8000 Likes on our Jedi News Facebook page page! A big thank you to all our followers for liking our page, we couldn't have done it without you! As always, we'll be trying our best to bring you the latest news from across the Star Wars galaxy 24/7 and the Jedi News Facebook page is one of the places for it.

Also want to say a great thanks to Matt Booker for helping out on the page and delivering some super news! And please share the page with friends and family! Here's to the next 1000 Likes! Thank you for your continued support, may the Force be with You!

Source Jedi News on Facebook
RADIO 1138: Episode 13
Reported by Mark on 30 Jul 2014 20:00

It's time to join Mark Newbold and James Burns for the latest episode of RADIO 1138.

You wanted the best Star Wars news, you got the best Star Wars news as we barrel roll through the stone needle in our battered T-16 to bring you the latest from Farthest From 6, news from San Diego Comic Con, chat with the delectable Ashley Eckstein, rock out with the king of sith Darth Elvis, look back to our chat with Irvin Kershner and discuss Star Wars Rebels on the 13th episode of RADIO 1138!

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | RFR Landing Page | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Source RADIO 1138
RUMOR: Daisy Ridley Part Of Episode VII Skellig Michael Filming
Reported by Justin on 30 Jul 2014 18:37

The latest article posted on Star Wars 7 News examines the possibility (including some photos) of actress Daisy Ridley being involved in the Episode VII filming that is currently underway on Skellig Michael island.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Star Wars 7 News
RUMOR: WWE Wrestler Sheamus Linked To Episode VII
Reported by Justin on 30 Jul 2014 17:43

I'm just gonna include the first few paragraphs from this article posted on SESCOOPS (which was brought to our attention via a tweet from Yakface) and let you do with it what you will.

The Irish Mirror newspaper ran an article today speculating that WWE Superstar Sheamus will be playing Darth Vader in the new “Star Wars: Episode VII” movie that is currently in production.

Sheamus, who is currently in Ireland, where scenes for the movie are being shot, has appeared as Darth Vader for various Star Wars promotional tours in the past.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Twitter
'Skywalker' Signature Rejected By Passport Officials
Reported by Mark on 30 Jul 2014 17:35

There's a phrase here in the UK which perfectly describes the kind of person who wouldn't allow this name on a passport. The phrase is 'jobsworth', so when a perfectly harmless act - such as adding the middle name 'Skywalker' to your passport is denied for fear of copyright infringement - you really have to wonder why admin time and money is being spent on a trivial matter such as this when there are genuinely serious matters to attend to.

So, Laura Elizabeth Skywalker Matthews, we salute you. Happy trails, and may the Force be with you!

Laura Matthews, 29, changed her name by deed poll in 2008 "for a bit of a laugh". She recently tried to renew her passport and amended her signature to "L. Skywalker".

The Home Office said it "will not recognise a change to a name which is subject to copyright or trademark". "We have a duty to ensure the reputation of the UK passport is not called into question or disrepute," a spokesman said.

Ms Matthews, who lives in Southend, said she had never encountered problems with her middle name or signature before. "It's on my driving licence, my bank cards, everything. Everyone else is happy with that signature apart from passport office," she said.

Source BBC (via Paul Bateman and Brian Cameron)
John Jackson Miller Discusses The New Star Wars Status Quo
Reported by Mark on 30 Jul 2014 16:57

His latest Star Wars epic A New Dawn arrives 2nd September and over at Newsarama John Jackson Miller discusses the new state of the Star Wars empire.

Nrama: You worked in the world previously known as the Expanded Universe for many years in both comics and novels. What has this shift meant for you, and how is it different compared to when you were working in the EU and canon wasn’t a primary concern?

JJ Miller: I really think it’s a mistake for people to play the canon/not-canon parlor game. What they said when they made the announcement is that the previous material wasn’t being discarded, it would be drawn from – inspirations and ideas would come from it. The planets are the same; the species are the same. You know, the Rebels series uses the same manufacturer of the TIE fighters that was introduced in the Role Playing Games years ago. My book revolves around a strategic compound that I introduced back in KOTOR years ago! The universe is the same.

The thing about “Legends,” and that’s the word on the cover of the previous material: Legends can be true, in part or in whole. They inspire, they are sort of like the King Arthur story – parts of that, little bits of that here and there are true.

And don't forget, Miller's Kenobi arrives today in a shiny new Legends paperback edition.

Source Newsarama
Official Site: Essential Guide To Warfare: Authors Cut, Part 10: The Rise of the Empire
Reported by Mark on 30 Jul 2014 16:35

It's time for the 10th foray into the content that didn't make it into the Essential Guide To Warfare, amazing given the fascinating content this series on from Jason Fry, Paul Urquhart and Erich Schoeneweiss has given us so far.


Jason Fry: The idea that TIEs are mass-produced, unshielded, and largely disposable is an old one in Legends, and to be honest it’s always struck me as odd. Even for a callous, unforgiving Empire, a capable veteran starfighter pilot seems like too valuable a commodity to risk losing because of a lucky shot or a chance encounter with a space rock. It wasn’t my place to challenge a well-established bit of lore, though, so I tried to trace the TIE’s origins back to clones and their being treated essentially as living droids. I think I did an OK job with that, but the results still felt like a bit of throat-clearing.

Source Official Site
J.J. Abrams Talks Film And Digital Video
Reported by Justin on 30 Jul 2014 16:09
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In an interview posted on The Wall Street Journal, director J.J. Abrams touches on why continuing to shoot movies using film is such an important aspect of the filmmaking industry.

Check out the edited questions and quotes from Abrams after the break. SDCC 2014: Boba Fett Gets Some Simpsons Love
Reported by Matt on 30 Jul 2014 16:08

As Homer says, "Boba Fett. He's quiet but he's super funny." We couldn't agree more!

Source YouTube (via Boba Fett Fan Club)
Episode VII: Unesco Asks For Report On Use Of Skellig Michael Island
Reported by Justin on 30 Jul 2014 12:05

An article posted on the BBC points to some concern that has come to the forefront about the impact Episode VII filming on Skelling Michael island could potentially have on the local wildlife.

Unesco, the international culture and heritage agency, has asked the Irish government for a report on the use of an island for a Star Wars film.

Parts of Star Wars Episode VII are being filmed on Skellig Michael.

The Unesco World Heritage Site is home to puffins, manx shearwaters, storm petrels, guillemots and kittiwakes.

Roni Amelan, of Unesco headquarters in Paris, said they want information about the preservation of the site and particularly any impact on wildlife.

"We can't speculate what the filming of Star Wars on the site will do to the wildlife," he said.

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Source BBC
Episode VII Tweets: Daisy Ridley - July 30, 2014
Reported by Justin on 30 Jul 2014 11:53

Source Twitter
Big Bad Toy Store News
Reported by James on 30 Jul 2014 07:27
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Read on for the latest update from site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store featuring lots of new pre-orders and arrivals...

Episode VII: Interview With Cafe Owner At Skellig Michael
Reported by Justin on 30 Jul 2014 00:31

Head on over to (or simply click the image below) for a brief interview that was conducted with the owner of the local cafe at Skellig Michael as she discusses how business has changed since the arrival of the Episode VII cast and crew.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Jedi News Comic Review: Star Wars Rebel Heist #4
Reported by ZakPT on 30 Jul 2014 00:00
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Han Solo and Jan, a new recruit for the Rebellion, were captured by the Empire near one of Corellia’s moons. Solo’s attempt to escape from a low-security installation ended with him being placed in a high-security holding cell.

On the planet Feddasyr, with operative Sarin, Princess Leia retrieved a secret code—a stormtrooper who held the information in his DNA. When Leia was captured by the Empire, Sarin’s sister delivered the trooper to his next contact: Chewbacca.

Chewbacca and the trooper successfully unlocked the code and sent the information to the imprisoned Han Solo. But now they too are imprisoned—in a rancor pit. Still, there is one more Rebel out there who might save the day...

Scripter Matt Kindt, artist Marco Castiello, inker Dan Parsons, colourist Gael Eltaeb, letterer Michael Heisler and cover artist Adam Hughes bring us the fourth and final issue of Rebel Heist.

Source Dark Horse
   29 July 2014
Star Wars Action News Episode 429: SDCC Part 1 - Hasbro and High End Presentations
Reported by Mark on 29 Jul 2014 23:27

Join Marjorie and Arnie for the latest edition of Star Wars Action News...

On this first part of Star Wars Action News' coverage of 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International hear about new products straight from Hasbro, Kotobukiya, Sideshow Collectibles, Gentle Giant, and eFX Collectibles. 2014's San Diego Comic-Con International is in the books, but there was so much at the convention it is impossible to absorb it all in 5 days--both for those at the convention as well as fans watching from home. But now that the chaos is over take time to absorb all the news about new and upcoming releases from Hasbro, Sideshow Collectibles, eFX Collectibles, Gentle Giant, and Kotobukiya!If you missed their panels on Friday you can relive them on Star Wars Action News' first part of their SDCC coverage. Watch these presentations and find out about all the upcoming new items.Then join us later for the second part of San Diego Comic-Con coverage with exclusive interviews, product reviews, and news about all the exclusives at the convention!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source SWAN
Rancho Obi-Wan and I Take On San Diego Comic-Con
Reported by Mark on 29 Jul 2014 22:54

Steve Sansweet represented Rancho Obi-Wan at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, and documents his adventure over at the Rancho Blog.

I didn’t go last year; somehow the “hassle” didn’t seem worth it, especially after I got a hotel room five miles out. This year, I didn’t get any hotel room in the insane lottery system—but I persevered.

And that’s because for anyone whose life is devoted to pop culture, or even one part of it, SDCC is like Mecca, even if you can go only once in your life. I had added reasons to go this year. I wanted to learn as much as I could about the upcoming Star Wars REBELS TV series on Disney XD. Star Wars Action News was kind enough to make Rancho Obi-Wan a beneficiary of it’s now always sold-out fan breakfast and I wanted to connect with fellow fans and Licensees about all the great stuff going on at Rancho Obi-Wan.

Source Rancho Obi-Wan
UPDATED: Episode VII: Harrison Ford Walking Without Crutch
Reported by Justin on 29 Jul 2014 21:58

UPDATE: Multiple people have notified me via email that the image of Ford below was included in a NY Daily News article.


The title of this story post says all that needs to be said. Thanks to our great friend Paul Bateman for the tweet below!

Source Twitter
The Black Series 6" Shadow Squad Available For Pre-Order
Reported by Matt on 29 Jul 2014 19:21

All UK residents should head to their local comic book store this weekend and pre-order the Comic book shop exclusive Shadow Squadron 6" set as stores have to get their pre-orders in by next Monday 4th August at the latest to guarantee stock for late October!

The RRP for the Shadow Squadron 6" set is £50.00

Boring Conversation Anyway #55: SDCC 2014 Star Wars Overview
Reported by Dan on 29 Jul 2014 18:23

It's time to join FlyGuy for the latest Boring Conversation Anyway!

The gang is back with a long in-depth review of all things Comic Con! Regulars +Dan Curto,, +Dorksidetoys, +Tamer of the Shipyards & Jedi Temple Archives chew the fat over Hasbro, Sideshow Collectibles & more.

Contact Information: Google+ | Website | Twitter | Facebook

Star Wars Report #138: The Hand of Skywalker
Reported by Mark on 29 Jul 2014 18:10

It's time to join your hosts Riley and Mark over at Star Wars Report.

On this week’s podcast, Riley interviews Father Roderick Vonhogen about his time in the early days of internet fandom.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Star Wars Report
T-Shirts: Pikachewie
Reported by Matt on 29 Jul 2014 17:56

$11.00 plus $3.00 P&P in the States and this feisty little Pokémon/Wookiee hybrid can be yours. But hurry, there's not long left so catch'em if you can!

Source Graphic Lab Tees
SDCC 2014: Lightsticks
Reported by Mark on 29 Jul 2014 17:28


Spencer Brinkerhoff is one of my fave folks to bump into at conventions. Not only is it often his birthday (*rubs tummy waiting for ice cream cake*) but he's a ridiculously creative fellow.

Check out these images from San Diego Comic Con 2014 to see just how popular these awesome Lightsticks are.

LightSticks all started when my Nephew sent us a picture of himself with what looked to be a red glowing lightsaber. He sent it to us while he was working as a missionary in Equador, and we all knew that he wasn’t spending his time playing around on the computer making lightsaber pictures, so there had to be a trick. It turns out the effect was quite simple, but then I took it a step further and found the right material to enhance the effect and created LightStickFX, the in-camera special effects.

The product was launched at the 2012 Phoenix Comicon. I hand made 300 LightSticks just to see how they’d do at the show, and I sold 250 of them. Needless to say, I continue to make them and take them with me to the various conventions that I attend. Look for them soon in counter top displays at your local comic shops.

Source Facebook (via Matt Booker)
Black Series 2014 Wave 1 Hits The UK
Reported by Team Jedi News on 29 Jul 2014 17:10

Almost 8 months into the year and the first wave of The Black Series arrives in the UK via Diamond Comics wholesale. Two of each figure per case, £10.00 RRP and a reissue of Bastila Shan from the Vintage collection, which is very welcome.

This wave arrives in store at All the Cool Stuff on Thursday, so get over there and get ordering!

Source All The Cool Stuff
Interview with John Jackson Miller, Author of A New Dawn
Reported by Mark on 29 Jul 2014 16:56

The one, the only, the irreplaceable Jawa James caught up with the Scribe Award winning author of A New Dawn, John Jackson Miller at last weekends San Diego Comic Con. interview with John Jackson Miller, author of Star Wars: A New Dawn from Del Rey Books. Filmed at Comic-Con International in San Diego on July 27, 2014.

Source YouTube
First Look At Sideshow Arc Clone Troopers Echo & Fives Sixth Scale Figures
Reported by Justin on 29 Jul 2014 13:51

The official Star Wars site provides us with a detailed first look at the previously revealed Arc Clone Troopers Echo and Fives Sixth Scale Figures from Sideshow Collectibles.

Echo and Fives, heroic Republic soldiers from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, are coming to Sideshow’s Sixth Scale line of premium figures. Both are beautifully sculpted with a high level of detail, multiple points of articulation, and a wide array of accessories, resulting in stunning recreations of the beloved characters.

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Source Star Wars
Star Wars Force For Change Episode VII Winner Announcement Date
Reported by Justin on 29 Jul 2014 13:19

As you can see from the image above, the name of the extremely lucky winner who will be joining the cast of Episode VII as part of the Star Wars Force For Change charity will be announced on or around August 11.

Big thanks to all who supported in whatever way they could.

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Source Force For Change
   28 July 2014
Official Site: Star Wars In The UK: Together We Shall Ruler The Galaxy
Reported by Mark on 28 Jul 2014 22:41

My latest article, looking at the many stationary releases by Helix back in 1978, arrives on

Established in 1887 as The Universal Woodworking Company, the Helix brand was launched in 1894 and by 1960 the company was known as the far more familiar Helix International Ltd. In 1977 the company was thriving, buying up smaller companies such as cash box makers Dunn & Taylor and eraser makers Colonel Rubber Ltd, and so it was that Helix became one of the very first licensees, taking on the nascent Star Wars license and bringing a wide array of branded products to the UK market in early March of 1978. Those products included vinyl and wooden pencil cases, rulers, pencils, maths, school and pencil sets, erasers and die-cut erasers, and the infamous Death Star pencil sharpener made famous by its prominence in Steve Sansweet’s now iconic From Concept to Screen to Collectables book.

Source Official Site
Photos Of Episode VII Cast & Crew On Skellig Michael Island
Reported by Justin on 28 Jul 2014 21:53

Our good friends over at Making Star Wars have linked to a few sources that contain photos of Episode VII cast and crew members supposedly confirming the earlier report of filming scheduled to take place on location on Skellig Michael island in Ireland.

Take the source link below to check 'em out.

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Source MSW
The Realm Recap: Episode 24 - A SDCC To See
Reported by Mark on 28 Jul 2014 19:45

It's time to join Jason and the Yakface crew for the latest Realm Recap.

SDCC has hit in full force for this week's show so we attempt to cover all of the announcements and surprises from your favorite manufacturers including Hasbro, Sideshow, Gentle Giant and more! In addition, we also discuss new Star Wars Rebels footage and trailers that are sure to make believers out of those still on the fence for this series.?

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr

Source Yakface
Red Cross Blood Drive at ComiCONN
Reported by Mark on 28 Jul 2014 19:21

Saturday 16th August is the date to be a part of the Red Cross blood drive at Connecticut ComiCONN. Do your part (like our buddy Dan Curto has done for many years) and give blood.

Ryder Windham and Ray Park are there and it's set to be a brilliant event. Check it out.

Source Red Cross
Samsonite: A Range Of Luggage Star Wars
Reported by Matt on 28 Jul 2014 18:57

Every year is Star Wars year and you're going to need the space, and what better way to move your goodies around than these Samsonite cases?

The San Diego Comic Con is over, and yet a new licensee makes its appearance.

You have recognized, it is Samonite the famous manufacturer of luggage which invites in a very, very distant galaxy. For the moment no presented luggage but it would not be long.

Source Mint in Box
Full of Sith Episode LXXV: Q & A Extravaganza
Reported by Mark on 28 Jul 2014 18:37

Join Tha Mike Pilot, Bryan Young and Bobby Roberts for the latest episode of Full of Sith.

This week while Bryan and Amy do their reporting out at San Diego Comi-Con, Mike and Bobby answer the questions that you so kindly submitted over the past two weeks. Find out what color our lightsabers would be, what our favorite piece of merchandise is and the answers to MANY other questions.

Contact Information:Voicemail - 206-426-5592 | Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Full of Sith
Architects For New Lucas Museum Announced
Reported by Justin on 28 Jul 2014 18:16

Please see the following official announcement revealing the name of the architect firm that will be responsible for bringing the upcoming Lucas Museum of Narrative Art to life.

CHICAGO (July 28) – Following a global search, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (LMNA) announced today that Beijing-based MAD Architects has been selected as the principal designer for the LMNA site while Chicago-based Studio Gang will design the landscape and create a bridge to connect the LMNA to Northerly Island. VOA Associates, based in Chicago, will serve as the executive architect and lead the implementation of MAD’s design.

“We are bringing together some of the top architects in the world to ensure that our museum experience begins long before a visitor ever enters the building,” said George Lucas, founder of the LMNA. “I am thrilled with the architectural team’s vision for the building and the surrounding green space. I look forward to presenting our design to the Chicago community.”

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Source Lucas Museum
IndyCast Episode 191
Reported by Justin on 28 Jul 2014 18:09

Join Ed Dolista and his crew for the latest adventure-filled episode of The IndyCast - your source for Indiana Jones news from all four corners of the globe!

This week I chat with Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock about Indy, Comic Con and other pop culture topics, I catch up with an IndyCast listener in Waikiki, we hear rumours of Indy moving out of WDW, have more of your great emails plus lots more!

Right-click here to download the episode.

Like what you hear on the show? Then leave a review on the IndyCast iTunes page!

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Source IndyCast
The Metro: Star Wars Rebels Explodes At San Diego Comic Con 2014
Reported by Mark on 28 Jul 2014 15:15

My latest article lands over at The Metro as I take a look at the awesome Star Wars Rebels reveals at San Diego Comic Con.

If there was a better place in the world for a geek to be last weekend (other than on the set of Episode VII) then it HAD to be across the pond at San Diego Comic Con. Once a year the world of comics, television and film converge at the San Diego Convention Center for a four day long celebration of all things geek, with events hosted by and starring the world’s top movie and TV talent, writers and artists from the comics industry (comics being the genesis of the event which began back in 1970 with special guests Forrest J Ackerman and Mike Royer speaking to around 100 attendees) and hordes of cosplayers who see the event as the mecca of the convention year.

With Episode VII still well over a year away the Star Wars focus of SDCC2014 isn’t on the J.J. Abrams film but on 2014's forthcoming series Star Wars Rebels.

Source The Metro
   27 July 2014
SDCC 2014: Sideshow Collectibles Booth Video From Yodasnews
Reported by Justin on 27 Jul 2014 21:28

Take a tour with of Sideshow's Booth at San Diego Comic Con 2014. Life Size to 1/6 scale.

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Source YouTube
Rian Johnson Chats Briefly On Episode VIII
Reported by Justin on 27 Jul 2014 21:19

While we have yet to receive an official Lucasfilm/Disney statement announcing his involvement with Episode VIII and Episode IX (aside from these earlier comments made by one of his representatives), we do get the following brief comments from Rian Johnson as posted on Sun Times.

Johnson Skyped into the Filmspotting taping from San Fransisco, where he is already working on “Episode VIII.” The director of indie faves such as “Looper” says he took the job because “The thought of it made me so completely joyfully happy.

“I wanted to to play in this world, of literally the first movie my dad put me in the car to see,” he said. As for how he scored the gig, Johnson laughed, “I can only assume it was a clerical error, like in the movie ‘Brazil.’ There’s a Brian Johnson out there who is really mad.”

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Source Sun Times
SDCC 2014: Photos Of Celebration Anaheim 2015 Booth
Reported by Justin on 27 Jul 2014 12:48

James Floyd from Club Jade did me a solid and sent over a few pics from the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 booth area that was part of the grand Lucasfilm pavilion at SDCC. Click each image below for a larger view and big thanks to James for the images.

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Source Twitter
SDCC 2014: Preview Of New Marvel Star Wars #1 Comic
Reported by Team Jedi News on 27 Jul 2014 12:22

Following on the heels of yesterday's big Marvel Star Wars comics announcement at SDCC, Bleeding Cool provides readers with the update below.

Announced during the Cup O’ Joe panel today is the new on-going Star Wars series from Marvel Comics. It will be written by Jason Aaron and drawn by John Cassaday and we have some preview pages from the first issue.

Source Bleeding Cool
SDCC 2014: Dave Filoni & Simon Kinberg Star Wars Rebels Interview With 'Clevver Movies'
Reported by Justin on 27 Jul 2014 11:59

Our friends over at The SWU alert us to an interview Clevver Movies posted up on their YouTube Channel with Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg at SDCC. Check out the video below.


We sat down with Star Wars Rebels creator Simon Kinberg and writer David Filoni to talk about the origin of the new animated series, how it fits into the larger universe, which character they'd like to see make an appearance in Episode VII and why fans of the original trilogy will want to tune in.

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Source The SWU
SDCC 2014: Hasbro Star Wars Q&A Sessions
Reported by Justin on 27 Jul 2014 11:51

Head on over to the websites of our fellow The Force United teammates Jedi Temple Archives and Yodasnews for their respective Q&A sessions that they conducted with the Hasbro Star Wars team at SDCC.

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Marvel's New Star Wars Comics
Reported by StephenG on 27 Jul 2014 08:05

Courtesy of io9:

Marvel's plans for their new Star Wars comics were easier to come by than the plans for the Death Star.

The main title will be Star Wars, as Luke and the others continue the fight against the Empire. Princess Leia, following the Rebel leader as she deals with the loss of her planet. And Darth Vader features the Sith Lord trying to reclaim his rightful place in the Empire following the destruction of the Death Star.

Be sure to also check out the official announcement posted on the Star Wars site.

Sounds good to me!

Source io9
   26 July 2014
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Screening With Robert Watts
Reported by Mark on 26 Jul 2014 20:32

Having attended the only UK screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark back on 7th August 2010 at the Fordingbridge Film and TV Festival, where I paired producer Robert Watts with show runner Dave Tree, I can't even think of missing the opportunity to see Watts and art director Alan J. Cassie discuss and reminisce about Temple of Doom.

Genesis Cinema and Soundstage Events present this special event to mark thirty years since the release of the second Indiana Jones film. Following a screening of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, there'll be an exclusive interview with its producer, Robert Watts, and its art director, Alan J Cassie.

Robert Watts was also the associate producer of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He also worked closely with George Lucas as a producer on the original Star Wars trilogy. Robert was also the producer of the groundbreaking Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

As well as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Alan J Cassie was the art director on Dragonslayer; Patriot Games, also starring Harrison Ford; The Saint; The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Muppet Treasure Island.

Sunday September 14th 3pm / £20

Source Genesis Cinema (via Indiana Jones Adventure Post)
Now This Is Podcasting! The Hand of Luke Skywalker
Reported by Mark on 26 Jul 2014 19:30

It's time to join your hosts Jason, Randy, Johnamarie and Jeremy over at Now, This Is Podcasting!

This installment of Now, This Is Podcasting! is a doozy! Inside, you’ll find over 2 hours of Star Wars discussion and analysis with your hosts Jason Ward, Randy LoGudice, Johnamarie Macias and Jeremy Conrad! In this episode, we discuss Badass Digest's details about the opening of Star Wars: Episode VII, including the rumor of Luke Skywalker's hand! During the recording of this podcast, released an all new Star Wars Rebels extended trailer and the NTIP team discusses every exciting moment. Plus: last week in Star Wars news!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Making Star Wars
SDCC 2014: Remembering Aaron Allston
Reported by Mark on 26 Jul 2014 18:24

Source Twitter
RADIO 1138: New Landing Page At Shotglass Digital
Reported by Mark on 26 Jul 2014 17:54

RADIO 1138 gets its own landing page over at Shotglass Digital, allowing you the chance to go back through our ever-growing back catalogue of episodes as myself and James travel the UK, Europe, the US and beyond for all the latest Star Wars news.

Bookmark RADIO 1138 and we'll continue to do our best to bring you the latest from here in the UK, including content from tomorrows Farthest From 6 which you'll be able to hear on our 13th episode of RADIO 1138 early next week.

Source Shotglass Digital
SDCC 2014: Hasbro Official Image Gallery
Reported by James on 26 Jul 2014 16:35

Here's the Official Images from yesterday's Hasbro Star Wars Panel at San Diego Comic-Con, have a look through and let us know what you think on our Facebook page or on Twitter.  Happy hunting!

Source Hasbro Official Image Gallery
SDCC 2014: Roundup Of Hasbro Post-Panel Image Galleries
Reported by Justin on 26 Jul 2014 13:06

As is their customary course of action, the Hasbro team updated their display booth at SDCC with new product revealed during their Star Wars panel that took place on Friday afternoon. Take each respective link below to check out all the awesome new images that have been added since the last round of Hasbro galleries.


Jedi Temple Archives - Pictures

Jedi Temple Archives - Video


Rebelscum - Closer Look

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SDCC 2014: Complete Audio From Star Wars: A New Dawn Panel
Reported by Mark on 26 Jul 2014 10:27

It arrives in just a few short weeks time and we couldn't be more excited, especially with all the cool Star Wars Rebels reveals that have been landing the past few days. Here's the entire audio of the Star Wars: A New Dawn panel, recorded by @TheApexFan AKA Justin Bolger of The Force.Net.

Source TF.N
The WolfPack Podcast #79: SDCC 2014 Recap Part 1
Reported by Mark on 26 Jul 2014 09:55

It's time to join the gang over at the Wolfpack podcast for the latest episode.

On this episode of The WolfPack Podcast, Curto, Corey, Logan, Chris, and guests Jayson from and The Realm Recap Podcast, James Burns from Jedi News and StarWars.Com, and Steve from, A Boring Conversation Anyways Podcast, and The Realm Recap Podcast! We discuss all the latest SDCC 2014 Star Wars News, Rebels Products, and The Clone Wars announcements! So strap in, drink your blue milk, and get ready for the jump to Hyperspace in this brand new episode!

Contact Information: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Source Wolfpack
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